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Vehicle tracking systems (AVL systems) are efficient way to enhance the company's competitive advantage.

We offer the multipurpose performance control to automotive engineering, fixed machines and stuff in real-time mode or off-line mode.

We try to employ various equipments of leading manufacturers along with self-design project for the purpose of maximum efficiency.

The economic effects from fleet monitoring system implementation are:

  • Increasing performance of vehicle fleet;
  • Cost cutting of fuel and lubrication materials;
  • Increasing vehicle's lifetime, repair and maintenance cost cutting.

Our advantages:

A)    The appropriate fitting of vehicle fleet

There are various types of vehicle monitoring device:

  1. Wire data reception (off-line monitoring). You don't need pay for server system service and data transmission, and receive data to computer by wire. It's cheap, but inconveniently in case of large vehicle fleet.
  1. Wireless data reception (off-line monitoring). You don't need pay for server system service and data transmission, and receive data to dispatch operator's computer by radio channel.  It's cheap and practicably, but service area is limited, while company can has the vehicles that leave base station for a long time and drive beyond the mark.
  1. GSM data reception (on-line monitoring). You need pay for server system service and data transmission (or you can get server-based software and make self-service). It's convenient and real-time. But data transmission and purchase a server system is worth money, while company often has the vehicles that don't leave base station or quarry, usually they don't needed necessary in on-line data transmission.

We can fit the appropriate equipment from various manufacturers and connect all in one dispatching system.


B)     The high functionality and quality components

  • High quality GSM-modems
  • Large opportunity to hook up sensors and additional equipment. Literally, we can connect whatever you like: various fuel consumption sensors and fuel level meters, passengers' counter devices and operation units.
  • CAN-interface for data reception from on-board data network CAN. This function is very useful for automotive engineering Euro-3 (Tier-3) and for next generation vehicles. You can get data of fuel consumption, operating time, axle load without using additional sensors.
  • All possible by form and content reports.
  •  Data can be exported in commonly used formats.

C)    Compatibility access for authorized users with one system web-interface from any computer with Internet access or proprietary automation-equipped working places that allow performing fundamental analysis and action.

D)    Immediate technical support service with application of remote access.


If you already have a GPS fleet tracking devices and you would like to add fuel monitoring function - we will help you!


Here you can look on our solutions in following fields:


Complete box solution:

  • Own server software
  • You don’t have to pay monthly fee
  • All AVL units are pre-programmed for your Server
  • Your Server is pre-programmed for your AVL units
  • Calibrated fuel level sensors Strela
  • Russian GPS/GLONASS units with smart fuel data procession
  • Save money on installators - if you want.

1. AVL server software

  • Already configured for you Avl units
  • Fuel tanks calibration tables are already stored
  • Free vector maps, Google or raster maps
     Plenty of available reports
  • Smart fuel comsumpion reports
  • Refuelings and fuel drainage events: time, place and volume detection
  • Voice communication
  • Group reports
  • Custom reports
  • CAN bus support, fuel level sensors and fuel flowmeters support
  • Axle load support
  • Work time
  • Route history
  • And many other data displayed in various reports and diagrams
  • Smart fuel consumption measuring, fuel drainage detection

What is more, system can inform you when your vehicle arrives ito destination pont, chosen area, about low battery, speeding, temperature changes etc.



2. We use best AVL GPS / GLONASS units. We do not recommend to use cheap AVL devices - because we provide not only route and speed history. Our tracking devices also must have good cooperation with fuel level, flow and temperature sensors, GPRS traffic saving, large data storage.